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Have you ever wanted to surprise someone with a gift that is truly different from the overwhelmingly gray mass of featureless gifts people give each other day in and day out, year after year, stuck in the vicious cycle of boring gifts? Or have you ever wanted to buy something really special for yourself, something that transcends the thoughtless and ordinary blandness of everyday "stuff"? is the extention of St-Petersburg Global Trade House, the largest retailer of gifts from Eastern Europe and the path to the most unique products in North America, offering everything from fine china (Imperial Porcelain), to all-natural camel and sheep wool bedding, to clay pottery, to traditional souvenirs such as nesting dolls, and to the world-famous Russian scarves and shawls, just to name a few.

Here we are… Another year has passed and it once again is that time when the candy sellers around the world start to feel their left palms beginning to itch – barely noticeably, at first, but more and more forcefully, as February 14th draws near. Why the left palms? It is our little superstition in Russia – if your left palm itches, then you have money on your horizon. And if that is the case with candy-sellers, then jewelry sellers must be itching all over by now, from the jugged tips of their toenails to the ends of their hair, some, split, due to the overwhelming affinity to all things sparkly, thereby also creating an overwhelming aversion to all things non-sparkly. Read More ...