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Russian gifts

With the hordes of different products offered everywhere, finding the right gift remains a daunting task, as originality, quality, looks, and value are just some of the features that must be considered. Russian gifts are always beautiful and unique, rare and valuable. That is why offering a great variety of Russian gifts gives us confidence that no matter the occasion, you will always find the perfect gift every time – gift that looks stunning and feels wonderfully special. Our lacquer boxes, for example, are made of papier-mâché or wood and retain the love and positive energy of their artists, while embodying the wonderfully varied and long history of its people. Our extensive Christmas/New Year and Easter collections include beautiful handmade Russian gifts many of which are impossible to find anywhere else in North America, such as glass ball ornaments made in the ancient art of glass blowing and painted/decorated completely by hand. Many of these are made in the very limited editions. We also offer uniquely put together gift sets that showcase the infinite talents of artists and craftsmen in different disciplines that come together to create ensembles of unparalleled grace and beauty and are ready to be presented to the most important people in your life. From birthdays to holidays and all other occasions, it is difficult to find more exciting and unique gifts!
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